Assail Drilling Company (ADC) QHSE POLICY

ADC understands that quality, occupational health & safety and environment protection (QHSE) ensure successful and profitable business. 
Our strategic directions regarding QHSE are focused on offering:
ntop quality service to our customers, by closely following their requirements 
nfull observance of all legal and contractual occupational health & safety requirements
nprevention of environmental pollution

The main tactical element of ADC in QHSE areas is QHSE Leadership. Our goal is to be a leader by identifying and implementing QHSE best practices. These apply to our operations in respect to customers, contractors and suppliers. 

ADC’s objectives for QHSE are to:
- provide quality products and services, satisfying the requirements of our customers;
- manage our business with the goal of causing no harm to people or the environment;
- comply with all applicable QHSE laws and regulations and apply the highest standards at all times;

  • ensure that requirements of the QHSE Integrated Management 

System are understood and implemented by the employees;
- encourage concern and respect for QHSE; emphasize every employee's responsibility in QHSE performance and ensure - appropriate operating practices and training;
- ensure the safety of our employees and contractors along with the integrity and security of our rigs and equipment;
- require our contractors and suppliers to observe the same QHSE standards;
- reduce to the practicable minimum and prevent any adverse effects of our operations on the environment;
- use resources efficiently;
- undertake reviews and evaluations of our operations to ensure compliance with this policy, as well as to continually improve our QHSE performance.

As the Planning & Development Director, I believe that the success of our company begins with the actions I take. Therefore, I am committing myself to allocate all appropriate resources to attain the objectives and targets derived from this policy and implement the QHSE Integrated management system.

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