ADC # 10

The HYDUKE BW 650 rig is a self – propelled drilling and work over rig, DOUBLE DRUM,  with a maximum hook load of 275,000 #.
The rig is powered by one CAT 3142 engine. The engine is outfitted with Hydraulic Torque Converter type Allison Model.
The mast is a telescoping mast; the height of 108 ft allowed to trip in doubles.
The rig is fitted with work platform. The adjustable height allow to use any combination of BOP’s.
The triplex mud pump is W 440, powered by one Detroit engine.
The capacity of the mud system is 1,000 bbl.
The small number of component units composed of integrated packages allows easy mounting and dismantling. The complicated aligning and centering operations are eliminated.
The rig has a wide range of equipment as BOP’s & flanges, Power Swivel, Reda cable spooler, handling tools, camp accommodation for 25 persons.

Maximum working hook load               275,000 #
Installed power                                    650 HP
Number of power packs                      1      
Hoisting line diameter                           28 mm
Number of hoisting system lines            8
Number of drawworks speeds             5 + 1 R
Mast height                                          108 ft
Workover depth                                  12,000 ft x 3 ½ in tubing


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